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Code Hosting and Cloud IDE that lets your modularise your projects into reusable dependencies

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Architected to simplify your exiting workflow, built to reach your goals.

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Create a stunning software with tons of our features. Our build system allows you to save a lot of time as well.

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With a user-friendly, simple and responsive design, you can easily attract your prospective clients. Don't worry! our team will always be behind you if needed.

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Scaffold your project and start developing quickly.

Templates and Snippets

Provides a tons of useful Components that allow you to focus on your application logic rather than re-inventing the wheel.


Easily maintain an endless number of branches and versions of your project.

Boost your creativity

Through Single Point Editing, will save your time by handling all the boring tasks. More time for you to focusing on the details

Performance Optimization

Get rid of un-necessary abstractions provided by thirdparty APIs.

Release with Confidence

Release more stable future versions through analysis of current usages. Provide automated upgrades to your users

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Documentation, Code owners - Outsource with Confidence

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Sifhic is free for everyone. Sign up now to get full access to our platform at zero cost to you. No credit card needed..



Since we’re still working on building this great product for developers, Sifhic is free. Think of this as our soft launch - no credit cards or subscription required.

  • Unlimited Builds
  • Unlimited Dependency Depth
  • Unlimited Containers and Runners
  • Unlimited Public and Private Projects
  • Free Hosting with SSL and Custom Domain


If you are working on an opensource project, this offer is great for you.

  • 1Gb Storage
  • Public Projects
  • Team Members
  • Community Snippets
  • Community support


If you are a freelancer, team, or you just create an app for your internal company, this offers is great for you.

  • Include all the Free
  • 100Gb Storage
  • Private Projects
  • Private Snippets
  • Client Accounts
  • 24/7 Shared support


Build your projects as you wish.

  • Include all the Standard
  • Unlimited Storage
  • White Label
  • Dedicated Installation
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support

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